Digital Bubbling?

English: In my days in São Paulo, I took the opportunity to see the eighteenth edition of FILE São Paulo 2017 (International Festival of Electronic Language). This is a festival known in the São Paulo art circuit, because of its price (free) and its location (in the middle of the Paulista Avenue). Its proposal is… Continue reading Digital Bubbling?

Hands on VR AR

English: Within the 2017 Low Residency program, we had a day focused on new practical experiences with workshops in different areas: video mapping, letterpress, Black on White photograms, among others. I chose a theme that has enchanted me with its various artistic possibilities, but which at the same time brings many critical questions to me.… Continue reading Hands on VR AR

Björk Digital English: After talking and reflect a lot about virtual reality (VR) I went to see Bjork Digital exhibition at Somerset House in London. The exhibition was focused on videos by Bjork and virtual reality immersion.I admit that I have many criticisms of this "buzz" of virtual reality and have written some things here on the blog… Continue reading Björk Digital