UNIT 1 Assessment

Before I venture in trying to organize in a cohesive way what I did and thought in the last year, I need to emphasize how important the registration process on this blog is for my artistic and academic experiences.

At first I was very scared by this methodology, because the “monster” that I built regarding the writing process made me believe that I wouldn’t be able to express myself through words (mainly considering that English is my second language ) or, it made me believe that what I had to say was not so relevant to be put here.

I wrote about these insecurities and my trajectory until this master’s degree in one of the first blog posts And then I come back and talk about this in relation to writing.

I thought a lot about following Jonathan’s directions and using this platform informally, quickly posting links or photos and then going for deeper analysis, but I saw on this blog an opportunity to “make peace with writing” and set myself the challenge of writing a cohesive text for each moment that inspired me to write or produce, thus bringing the habit of writing closer to my daily life and also helping me to discover my voice as an artist and researcher. In this way, what I seek in this blog is not only a record for myself but also for those who would like to know more about my artistic process, or the processes and questionings that are involved in the choice of entering the world and artistic career. Sometimes it is good to know that we are not alone. For this reason, I decided to make a bilingual blog, and I also write about my interest in the places / exhibitions/movies that I come across and that inspired me- in this way reaching more people and building an exchange between Brazil and UK.

So far this platform contains about 74 public posts and 11 still underway. I present more personal posts that talk about my processes of self-knowledge and acceptance as an artist and posts documenting my works and experiments and some informative way, bringing analysis of moments and exhibitions that marked me in some way. In addition to this web platform I still use Instagram, and I really like the ephemeral character of the  Instagram Stories to experiment with still and moving images in a spontaneous way. My ig is @vicvonposer.

I am seeing in this Assessment an opportunity to review and organize the processes that I have undergone in this last busy, but gratifying, year. I will now try to use the academic criteria suggested by the institution in this stage, but I would like to express here that this division is very challenging and it is mixed within my posts (there are posts that I wrote as a reflection about my practice, inspired by some lecture or exhibit while at the same time experimenting in practice with a small artwork related to the theme). In this way, some posts appear in 2 different themes. I hope that this assessment  may show a little of my evolution as an artist / researcher.

  • Formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed programme of study, relating to your Project Proposal

In the beginning of this master’s degree I was focused on experimenting with luminous stimuli and perception. Leaving my image production trajectory a bit sideways, I ventured into new processes, studies and technologies. With this mindset I wrote the first version of my Project Proposal.

Project Proposal #1

I was soon experimenting with the light projected on the water, in an experiment that generated the video Blue # 2, presented in the Pop-up Show of the Raum Gallery; and in the performance: Blue Experience # 2, that was performed at the Tomie Ohtake Institute in São Paulo- Brazil. This trajectory of experiments was documented in the following posts:

Tracks and Reminiscence #1

Azul #2

Experiência: Azul#2

This first project generated results such as my participation in a symposium in São Paulo-Brazil, presenting the theme of the relation between Light and Spectator, as reported in the following post:

Symposium -The Body and The Light

My Brazilian dissertation on light as an autonomous material defended with distinction in August 2017, also served as inspiration for my Research Paper, in which I studied the relation of the Light and Sound performances of the duo of artists Mirella Brandi and MuepEtmo with Expanded Cinema. This process is evidenced by the following posts:

Research Paper Tutorial #1 + Writing workshop

Expanding… (Research Paper)

Reviewing my experiences and practices, I realized that even when my focus was only on Light, the image production was a very important part of my artwork (whether moving or still). In a dynamic way I record moments and try to construct narratives, the camera is my greatest tool of artistic and professional expression. I believe that my relationship with the image delves into issues such as uncertainty, time, memory and contemplation, which I made clear in my Mid Point Review.

Mid Point Review

I am now updating this project, going even further into the universe of Expanded Cinema, because I understand the projected image as luminous sculptures. Thus, I intend to investigate the light of the projected image and its relationship with the exhibition space, proposing physical distortions through different projection supports. I have called this project Fluid Screen Experiments, and within these “light sculptures” I intend to experiment with flexible or natural materials (water, fabrics, transparencies …) and understand the relationships between light, image, and the environment.

Being consistent with my artistic practice that presents the themes as time, uncertainty and constant movement, the project that follows is again a draft, because it will continue to be changed and updated.

Project Proposal v.2

To conclude this stage, another topic highlighted in my two projects is the intensity of trying out “versions” between media. For example, a video or an installation interjected by other media such as photography, painting or sculpture. Thus, becoming more accepted for the current art market. I call this ‘translation search’. In this way, from the video ‘Whites’ I created a static image to display together with it. This work was exhibited at our Interin Show in July 2017. The process producing the video and the images is evidenced in these posts:


Tradução, 2017 (MA interim show)

  • Critically engage with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion

I believe that I’ve already made it clear through my posts that I’m a multimedia artist and that I really enjoy being involved in different projects, experiencing, reflecting, collaborating and living. I believe that much of my creative process starts from the exchanges that I have with different people, places, and stimuli. They may not be directly linked to my research, but they encourage me to perceive things in other ways.

This year I also collaborated with the ‘inspiration sessions’, sharing works and knowledge that I came across during  my research with my colleagues and artists, as was written in the following post:


I also had the opportunity to share some of my trajectory, processes, and practices with the entire Camberwell community through an interview for the Blog:

CAMBERWELL CAMEO: Experiencing light and water with Vic von Poser

Regarding my practical experiences I had the opportunity to collaborate in some collective projects like those provided by Low Residency 2017, as reported in the following posts:

Empty Space 

Moving Light

As for those that happened due to encounters and common questioning was the video about the Minhocão Park, in São Paulo.


I really like helping friends in their personal work, and making new discoveries with them, as it was with the experiments with the Green Screen that I did together with the classmates Maddie, Terry, and Alasdair, as evidenced in this post:

Green Screen

Many times in this process I felt inspired to do my own work, as was the case in the photographic series I did for Maddie:

Character Building w. Madeline Dae

These are some places that I attended, such as lectures or exhibitions that also stimulated me to reflect actively and to produce new personal experiences, as you can see in the posts:




Lecture: Paul Coldwell

These are lectures that stimulated me to resignify old works, bringing new concepts and reflections:

Lecture: Jo Love

Weaving Technology

Finally, I have the practice of recording works, films, exhibitions or conversations that did not necessarily lead me to practical experiences, but which raised  questions and analyzes about the art world and brought personal reflections:

Are you an Artist?

Throwing up Art

Live Uncertainty

Alice’s Cabinet

Memory and glitter

Fluid perception

Little bits of Poetry

Turn your phone off and look around

Lovely Repulsion

Digital Bubbling?

In the desire to expand my relationship with art I helped to set up our Interim Show and I filmed my first and second-year colleagues explaining their work. I believe very much in the importance of this type of record, both for publicity and for future research. Unfortunately, this video is still in the editing process and will be ready in the future.

  • Critically reflect upon your practice and articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context of your creative practice

I believe that every artistic and creative process is a form of self-knowledge, especially in my practice that involves more than experimentation techniques, and is related to my personal narratives. My personal reflections are spread throughout all the posts of this blog, but I will try to choose the most important processes in this journey here.

I began by understanding that I should improve my perception, especially the length of time of viewing  and concentration on one subject. I decided to use the blind drawing ( a technique in which the artist draws what is being observed without looking at the paper) as an exercise that would allow understand the process more than the control or judgments regarding the final result. I thought of some elements for this activity, but I realized that before appropriating something external, I should go into deep reflection about myself, mainly because I was starting a new story in another country.

So I began my personal reflection by performing blind self-portraits every day, with one drawing a day, noting the time, where I was, and how long it took me to perform this action. After a period of time, I would revisit the drawings and reflect on my rediscovery process as an artist. I finished this process at the end of the first term because I believed that it had become more of a “task” than of a serious moment of reflection. But it was very positive for my maturation and I will return to this practice in this last term.

The posts that highlight this process are:

Blind self-portrait #1

Blind self-portrait #2

Blind self-portrait #3

Blind self-portrait #4

I am very interested in esoteric matters, mainly as self-knowledge aid, and I believe that some elements may help us open doors to different personal questions. Thus, along with the blind drawings, I began to explore my knowledge of Tarot (Marseilles), in order to improve my personal perception. These analyses were intuitive, but they forced me to reflect and question things that I thought and felt. Here are the posts on those readings. The Taro is still part of my process, but now my readings are more intense and sporadic.

The Devil

Ace of coins

King of wands

Queen of Wands

Eight of Swords

Another series of self-reflective posts were the ‘Between-flights’, about moments when  I was between trips (London and São Paulo), in which I ponder over my artistic, academic and personal steps.

Between Flights #1

2017 Between Flights #2

2017 Between Flights #3

2017 Between Flights #4

I have also brought important questions about my practice and artistic thinking as political art and how my work may fit into this universe and my great anxiety regarding this.

Drifts about Political Art

Today my friend was hospitalized

This year they had a few moments, mainly in the formal academic writing process (both in the dissertation for the Brazilian Masters and in the Research Paper) in which I questioned my artistic/academic and professional career,  where I was going and where they intersected. These strictly academic moments were very complicated because I ended up giving them more value than my practice. But I believe that I am maturing and understanding that all these expressions are part of my artistic self.

Leaking Art

On Writing

Expanding… (Research Paper)


The academic environment during this master’s degree have provided many positive moments for my personal understanding and the evolution in my practice, in addition to the private conversations / tutorials with Jonathan, as registered in the following posts:

Tutorial #1

Tutorial #2

Tutorial #3

The contact and productive discussions with the colleagues helped me to perceive other  views referring to my practice, as the process of listening and questioning the practice of others also makes me grow as an artist. These moments are those of Group Crit and in my analysis of Mid Point Review:

Group Crit #1

Uncertain Motion

Grup Crit #2

I do not have formal answers to all these reflections and questionings, but the fact is that  I am seeking to understand the process and embrace these uncertainties as part of my artistic practice. It is from them that I seek to continue experimenting, expressing and producing. The only thing I can say after all this first process is that I am an Artist.

And I’m ready to embrace new uncertainties