UNIT 2 Assessment


I think this is one of the hardest texts I’ve ever written, perhaps because of the fear that I may not have reported my steps enough, that I’m forgetting something very important or maybe it’s an unconscious attempt to procrastinate the end of this MA and the process of immersion in my practice. I started the course with the desire to develop my artistic practice, with the view that my interests surrounded techniques and materials; now, finishing this stage, I realize that I have a greater understanding of who I am as an artist and as a person, of my practice and my processes related to narratives and personal rituals, memory, time and self-knowledge. I finish this step, but continue on the path of building and perfecting my artistic voice within the context of contemporary art.

These months spent in the second year of the course were very intense, full of experiences and artistic and professional achievements. In this Evaluation I tried to organize the selected texts within the parameters proposed by the school, but I want to emphasize here that in my posts these parameters are mixed, and my personal reflection permeates almost everyone.

I feel that I have already talked a lot about my process within the 104 posts that make up the blog so far, so in this assessment I will try to be more cohesive, directing the evaluator to the links of more relevant texts.

  • Present a resolved body of original creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding

As I explained in detail in the post Critical Evaluation and future development (Internal Dive), my artistic questioning and practice went in a different direction after the Research Paper and the reflections raised from it. Some of these reflections are present in the post The expanded Light – Presentation.  In fact, I believe that these interests were always present in my work, but it was only after the constant personal dialogue resulting from the practice of self-reflection and the blog that I became more aware of what I was doing. Participating in FLOOD_ Symposium 2 helped me a lot to organize the ideas and concepts that culminated in the works that I present now at the Final Show. I wanted to produce 3 major works that could be seen individually, but when put together they build a narrative related to the properties of Cleaning, Transformation, and Coagulation of water.

In this process, I realized that my practice is closely linked to personal rituals with the use of water, the search for self-knowledge through contemplation and the creation of a  time for the viewer to look at oneself. It is around this theme that I performed the following works:

Installation: Flood, 2018 – video installation, projection in mirror and water

The stages of conception and construction of this work are described in the following posts:

Video Installation: Flood- Process # 1 (Frustration)

Video Installation: Flood- Process # 2 (Construction)


Installation: Flood- Process# 3 (Ed Kelly’s Superpowers

Experience: Rio # 2, 2018 – 360 ° digital video for VR Glasses_11min, sound.

Steps described in the following posts:

The All-Seeing Camera

Experience: Rio (River) # 2 – Winter and Spring

Experience: Rio (River) # 2 – Summer

Activity: Fluid – Series of Self-Portrait Fluid Blind and Performance

Steps described in the following posts:

Fluid Blind Self Portrait

Full Body Blind Self Portrait

Activity: Fluid (Blind Self Portrait)

All of these processes resulted in the final show set-up, and an overview of the works are outlined in this post: Final Show Set-Up

In the course of this process I have experienced with some different works that also relate to the use of water and the concepts presented above, such as the performance described in the post I miss the rainy days and the painting presented at the 2 Girls Galery Pop-up Show described in the post: Memórias, 2017 + Exhibition: Hybrid (2 Girls Gallery). In addition to the Hybrid exhibition (which I also had the opportunity to help with the organization), I organized and experimented with some works at the one day Pop-up Exhibition Impromptu, 2018 (POP-UP Exhibition). Within the academic environment of Camberwell I was even invited by Donald to present some of my full-length blind self-portraits on the Raum Gallery Wall, a process also described in the post: Full Body Blind Self Portrait. Out of the academic context, I have exhibited at other two Off The Radar Collective Exhibitions at UCSD – California with the work Brother, 2015-2018 (off the Radar) and more recently I was selected to present my VR in the exhibition of the symposium Beside the screen 2018, which took place in Kings College in London.

Still in this year, for the first time I was hired as an artist, not as videomaker to edit a video art, and I discussed this fact in the post Otros Tiempos.

  • Analyse and critically reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context

As I’ve mentioned above, this blog is a platform where I maintain a constant dialogue with myself and my personal reflection permeates almost all posts. However I would like to highlight the post 2017/2018 Between Flights #5  in which I present a reflection about  the beginning of 2018 while returning to London, after spending a short season in my hometown in Brazil. In the post: so…I have a secret I present a personal reflection about  the joy of performing manual work (such as assembling plinths and making pottery objects) and how it greatly helped me to demystify the objects, giving me a sense of empowerment in facing  the world around me.

were extremely important for my practice of reflection and personal growth. I would like to highlight here the activities that were done in the Grup Crit #2 and Low Residency 2018 . Every one-on-one tutorials with Jonathan were also extremely helpful, here are the posts referring to the meetings of this second year and my reflections raised from them:

Assessment Feedback + Tutorial #4

Tutorial #5

Extra Tutorial: Personal Validation

Tutorial # 6

Among the various posts submitted for this assessment I refer to some artists that relate to my practice. Some of them are: Monet, Willian Kentridge, Nan Jum Paik, Paula Rego, Frida Khalo, Alyssa Monks and the Brazilian duo Mirella Brandi x MuepEtmo. But I would like to give a greater highlight for Marina Abramovic, especially related to her film Marina Abramovic In Brazil: The Space In Between, which I reported in the post: In between. This film inspired me to produce small photos and video experiments. The artists Julio Le Parc and Bill Viola are two very important references in my current work (post: Le Parc – Viola)

  • Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development

In the Critical Evaluation and future development (Internal Dive) post I formulated and expressed my plans and future steps. More specifically, I would like to emphasize my desire to work with videos related to artistic processes , a subject that I presented in the post: Documenting.

As I’ve put regarding my artistic process before, everything has changed a lot, because the challenges that I faced both regarding the execution of works and the organization of small expositions, and the fact of exposing myself, presenting my rituals and my intimacy, took me to new heights as an artist and as a professional. I feel that today I am more confident and truer with my work, ready for what the uncertainty and the movements will bring me.