Vic von Poser

Oi Gente! Muito Prazer em conhecer vocês!

I am from Brazil (São Paulo) and I’ve just moved to London. I have a BA in Communication and Multimedia, and my background is in Film/Photography. I worked a lot doing documentaries and TV Shows about the Brazilian culture. For the past 2 years I became a freelancer in Filmmaking and I’m developing my artistic career to show my own thinking, building my path. I’m involved in a MA in Arts, Education and Cultural History in Brazil, writing my academic dissertation on Light Art, and I’m part of 2 research groups- LABCINE (about technologies and high definition images) and MOLA (a research group about art and technology).

I’m a multimedia person, experimenting a lot of materials and technics. However, I tend to do mostly Films/ VideoArts. My personal research is concerned with Light and the use of the Light to communicate and I also like to use natural elements like water. Moreover, reflections about Time, Contemplation and Control are also shown in my work, and I`m willing to push myself out my comfort zone.