Little bits of Poetry

English: A few days ago, I watched the new movie from one of my favorite directors Jim Jarmusch, Paterson. I admit that it took me a while to organize my thoughts and to perpetuate them writing here. Perhaps one of the reasons for procrastination was the realization that my little sentences will never convey the… Continue reading Little bits of Poetry

Alice’s Cabinet

English: “The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.” Marcel Duchamp, April 1957 Just before I faced the adventure of returning to London I had the… Continue reading Alice’s Cabinet

2017 Between Flights #2

English: Starting 2017 with the current Brazilian hit: Rebooting myself. It takes about a full day flight from SP to London, with moments of reflection and self-questioning in waiting rooms, queues and seated in different crafts. It is the beginning of 2017 and I have already made my classic list of annual goals, and… Continue reading 2017 Between Flights #2