Video Installation: Flood- Process # 1 (Frustration)

English: I thought this work would be the easiest, perhaps because I have done something like this before, but it was only when I began to build it effectively that I realized that it had very complex elements, and that it would have to make major changes. Mainly by wanting to adapt a performance context… Continue reading Video Installation: Flood- Process # 1 (Frustration)

The All-Seeing Camera

English: The immersion provided by virtual reality has always been something that has attracted me since the beginning of the course. But some technical aspects were moving me away from this research, as the aesthetics of 3D modeling reminds me too much of video games and the technology and money involved in this type of… Continue reading The All-Seeing Camera

Grup Crit #2

English:  Research and videos:    Photo experiments:                                                           I love to see and talk about the work… Continue reading Grup Crit #2