Project Proposal v.2

English: At the beginning of this master's degree I was focused on experiencing only with light. Perhaps this choice came from a great insecurity and dissatisfaction with my video work, related to negative memories remaining from the time when I worked professionally in the area, making traditional documentaries. However, in reviewing what I have produced… Continue reading Project Proposal v.2

Expanding… (Research Paper)

English¬† Today I finished the frightening Research Paper. After spending so many months of this year sleeping and waking up with the weight of the dissertation over my body, dealing with and learning from my writing-related academic ghosts, ¬†I have to admit that I thought this Paper would be easier. But, as I have posted… Continue reading Expanding… (Research Paper)

Research Paper Tutorial #1 + Writing workshop

English: After the stressful months immersed in the process of the Brazilian dissertation, I am about to face another challenge, the much-feared Research Paper indispensable for the British Master's degree. Before I started and venture into research I have to admit that I did not see the time pass and when I opened my eyes… Continue reading Research Paper Tutorial #1 + Writing workshop