Beside the screen 2018

English: It has been a while since I heard about the symposium Besides the Screen and it was an honor to have my work chosen to integrate the exhibition of the event. The assembly was very smooth: the organizers were very attentive and I had the opportunity to see how my work behaves inside the… Continue reading Beside the screen 2018


Experience: Rio (River) # 2 – Summer

English: A few things happened during the months between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. I sent the first cut of this work to some people and I was very surprised with the positive feedback. I was also very happy with the selection of this work to compose the exhibition of the symposium Besides… Continue reading Experience: Rio (River) # 2 – Summer

Björk Digital English: After talking and reflect a lot about virtual reality (VR) I went to see Bjork Digital exhibition at Somerset House in London. The exhibition was focused on videos by Bjork and virtual reality immersion.I admit that I have many criticisms of this "buzz" of virtual reality and have written some things here on the blog… Continue reading Björk Digital