Tutorial # 6

English: These days I was talking on the phone to my uncle (who is a plastic artist) and when I told him that I was preparing for the final show he asked: "So now you just need to be an artist?". I found this question interesting with the emphasis on just, after all, I think… Continue reading Tutorial # 6

Extra Tutorial: Personal Validation

English: In April, during the period when we would have a brief period of "vacation" I came across great questions about my work and my artistic intentions. This may have been triggered by a curator's attempt to "mold" my 360 ° work to fit in an exhibition. It was many days of e-mail exchanges, in… Continue reading Extra Tutorial: Personal Validation

Research Paper Tutorial #1 + Writing workshop

English: After the stressful months immersed in the process of the Brazilian dissertation, I am about to face another challenge, the much-feared Research Paper indispensable for the British Master's degree. Before I started and venture into research I have to admit that I did not see the time pass and when I opened my eyes… Continue reading Research Paper Tutorial #1 + Writing workshop