Otros Tiempos

English: Earlier this year something very exciting happened to me: for the first time I was hired not only for my video and editing skills but also for my artistic vision in the video. Last January, in Brazil, a great actress and director named Roberta Calza invited me to edit the material she had filmed… Continue reading Otros Tiempos

Brother, 2015-2018 (off the Radar)

English: The Off The Radar exhibition was held on May 3-13, 2018 at the Visual Arts Gallery UCSD (Visual Arts Gallery UCSD) The invitation to participate in this exhibition came to me at the end of 2017. The theme was "Off the Radar", with somewhat loose concepts , but at the same time related to… Continue reading Brother, 2015-2018 (off the Radar)

2017/2018 Between Flights #5

English: I can only start this text with a very cliché comment: time always goes faster than I would like. December 2017: another journey involving documents, luggage, airports, homesickness, expectations, and luggage. Another brief visit to São Paulo - Brazil, my city full of contradictions, so loved and hated in the same intensity, that embraces… Continue reading 2017/2018 Between Flights #5

Memórias, 2017 + Exhibition: Hybrid (2 Girls Gallery)

English: Memórias (Memory), 2017 - ink, water on paper 20cm x 3,50m  - 3 digital printing on fine art paper 2,10 x 2,97cm With another challenging exhibition at the end of the year, soon after the presentation of the Assessment and after an artistic immersion in Documenta and the Venice Biennale, I faced this intense creative… Continue reading Memórias, 2017 + Exhibition: Hybrid (2 Girls Gallery)