Full Body Blind Self Portrait

English: I still feel very uncertain about the value of these drawings as art, or whether they are just part of a process or a personal ritual. Yet I decided to resume my practice and try to take a step beyond what I had done before. Since I started this process of self-portraits my focus… Continue reading Full Body Blind Self Portrait


Extra Tutorial: Personal Validation

English: In April, during the period when we would have a brief period of "vacation" I came across great questions about my work and my artistic intentions. This may have been triggered by a curator's attempt to "mold" my 360 ° work to fit in an exhibition. It was many days of e-mail exchanges, in… Continue reading Extra Tutorial: Personal Validation

Character Building w. Madeline Dae

English:  Earlier this year I helped Maddie explore her research on character building, selfie and face transformation from makeup, which is an illusion of light and shadow through makeup to hide flaws or highlight positive features (a practice started by Drag Queen community to look more feminine).  We went to Camberwell's professional photographic studio and… Continue reading Character Building w. Madeline Dae