Video Installation: Flood- Process # 2 (Construction)

English: Before properly reporting my steps on this work, I would like to state here that after some experiments I realized that it did not make sense to project the image of the dam, or trees. My research turned out to be much more about building my voice as an artist and the little personal… Continue reading Video Installation: Flood- Process # 2 (Construction)


FLOOD_ Symposium 2

English  At first, I wanted this video to be more poetic. A piece of art by itself. Almost a video statement that could account for presenting me as an artist. When I started putting my thoughts in order and in text format I felt a bit lost- how to summarize everything I'm thinking and building… Continue reading FLOOD_ Symposium 2

Video Installation: Flood- Process # 1 (Frustration)

English: I thought this work would be the easiest, perhaps because I have done something like this before, but it was only when I began to build it effectively that I realized that it had very complex elements, and that it would have to make major changes. Mainly by wanting to adapt a performance context… Continue reading Video Installation: Flood- Process # 1 (Frustration)