Experience: Rio (River) # 2 – Summer

English: A few things happened during the months between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. I sent the first cut of this work to some people and I was very surprised with the positive feedback. I was also very happy with the selection of this work to compose the exhibition of the symposium Besides… Continue reading Experience: Rio (River) # 2 – Summer

Installation: Flood- Process# 3 (Ed Kelly’s Superpowers)

English: Finally, I reached the final stages of the preparations for the setting up of my video installation: 'Installation: Flood'. These final preparations were centered around 3 elements that I will describe in this post. THE PUMP One of the crucial points of this work was its adaptation of a performance into an autonomous installation.… Continue reading Installation: Flood- Process# 3 (Ed Kelly’s Superpowers)

Video Installation: Flood- Process # 1 (Frustration)

English: I thought this work would be the easiest, perhaps because I have done something like this before, but it was only when I began to build it effectively that I realized that it had very complex elements, and that it would have to make major changes. Mainly by wanting to adapt a performance context… Continue reading Video Installation: Flood- Process # 1 (Frustration)