Project Proposal v.2

English: At the beginning of this master's degree I was focused on experiencing only with light. Perhaps this choice came from a great insecurity and dissatisfaction with my video work, related to negative memories remaining from the time when I worked professionally in the area, making traditional documentaries. However, in reviewing what I have produced… Continue reading Project Proposal v.2


Moving Light

English: Some of the activities we were invited to attend in the period of Low Residency 2017 seemed like a game, a play. We were "provoked" to perform in two days a collective artwork at the South Kiosk Gallery "reacting" to the work 'We will meet in the place where is in darkness', a luminous… Continue reading Moving Light

Symposium -The Body and The Light

English:  Português: Just one day after returning to my hometown of São Paulo in Brazil, I had to dress over my superheroine artist uniform the usual suit of academic scholarship student and presented the article 'The Body and the Light: The action Instead of the scene, being instead of contemplating, being rather than interpreting '… Continue reading Symposium -The Body and The Light