I miss the rainy days.

English: I think that since I was very young I love rain and puddles of water. I believe there is something magical about the water that fell from the sky, often unexpectedly. The day gets different, the smell of the air changes, people get transformed. And I often get caught taking pictures and watching the… Continue reading I miss the rainy days.

Experience: Rio (River) # 2 – Summer

English: A few things happened during the months between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. I sent the first cut of this work to some people and I was very surprised with the positive feedback. I was also very happy with the selection of this work to compose the exhibition of the symposium Besides… Continue reading Experience: Rio (River) # 2 – Summer

Impromptu, 2018 (POP-UP Exhibition)

English: During this master's degree process and within the artistic universe I am increasingly assuming and embracing my profile as producer. I love helping colleagues, especially in the organization of the exhibitions and I feel that the artistic making goes beyond the practice and the studio, it continues into the galleries and exhibition spaces and… Continue reading Impromptu, 2018 (POP-UP Exhibition)