Tutorial # 6

English: These days I was talking on the phone to my uncle (who is a plastic artist) and when I told him that I was preparing for the final show he asked: "So now you just need to be an artist?". I found this question interesting with the emphasis on just, after all, I think… Continue reading Tutorial # 6

Otros Tiempos

English: Earlier this year something very exciting happened to me: for the first time I was hired not only for my video and editing skills but also for my artistic vision in the video. Last January, in Brazil, a great actress and director named Roberta Calza invited me to edit the material she had filmed… Continue reading Otros Tiempos

Impromptu, 2018 (POP-UP Exhibition)

English: During this master's degree process and within the artistic universe I am increasingly assuming and embracing my profile as producer. I love helping colleagues, especially in the organization of the exhibitions and I feel that the artistic making goes beyond the practice and the studio, it continues into the galleries and exhibition spaces and… Continue reading Impromptu, 2018 (POP-UP Exhibition)