Assessment Feedback + Tutorial #4

English: On one of the last school days of 2017, I had another tutoring meeting with Jonathan. We started by talking about my first-year assessment. I have to admit that everything between the academic/personal process I've been through so far is very different from anything I've done before, and it makes me a bit insecure. … Continue reading Assessment Feedback + Tutorial #4

Memórias, 2017 + Exhibition: Hybrid (2 Girls Gallery)

English: Memórias (Memory), 2017 - ink, water on paper 20cm x 3,50m  - 3 digital printing on fine art paper 2,10 x 2,97cm With another challenging exhibition at the end of the year, soon after the presentation of the Assessment and after an artistic immersion in Documenta and the Venice Biennale, I faced this intense creative… Continue reading Memórias, 2017 + Exhibition: Hybrid (2 Girls Gallery)