Like a kid in a Candy Store


Institute of Making

It was very interesting to know the Institute of Making and material library for research that they organize. I felt like a child in the middle of many appliances toys, machines, printers and great possibilities that had never imagined before, I was really blown away by the people, the environment and design. Unfortunately this spell was short-lived as the Institute of Making is unique to UCL students and were only there as guests to experience space, but maybe we can use some of the toys along with Romain Meunier.

I really wanted also to know the Fab Lab London!

At the same time I can not say that the tour was not productive, only to stay a few hours in that environment inspired me in many new designs and materials to explore.


“This is a rare sample of silica aerogel which is essentially a glass foam whose nano-structure contains up to 99.8% air, making it the world’s lightest solid. It was made by Steve M. Jones, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as part of the Stardust research project, which involved sending a spacecraft containing a large piece of aerogel on a close approach to the comet Wild 2 in order to collect space-dust. What made aerogel ideal for the mission was that, this ultra fine foam can gradually decelerate and capture dust particles in pristine condition. The process of then sifting through the aerogel, micron by micron, to identify and collect the space-dust was the world’s largest collaborative microscopy activity. The material appears to be much more invisible than glass despite being less transparent for there is no hint of reflection on its surfaces, giving it the appearance of not being fully solid. Its azure colour is not due to any pigmentation, but is caused by the same phenomenon that gives colour to our Earth’s atmosphere, namely Raleigh scattering of light. In other words, it is blue for the same reasons that the sky is blue.”


Popup show project:

Puddle of water / mirror / black water / projector / projector / Blue – proximity sensor – Wind (Breathing / claustrophobia)

Subjects: perception / contemplation / nature / fragments / Relationships



Institute of Making

Foi muito interessante conhecer o Institute of Making e a biblioteca de materiais para pesquisa que eles organizam. Me senti uma criança no meio de muitos brinquedos aparelhos, maquinas, impressoras e grandes possibilidades que nunca tinha imaginado antes, fiquei realmente encantada com as pessoas, o ambiente e os projeto. Infelizmente esse encantamento durou pouco pois o Institute of Making é exclusivo para alunos da UCL e estávamos lá apenas como convidados para conhecer o espaço, mas quem sabe poderemos usar alguns dos brinquedos junto com o Romain Meunier.

Fiquei com muita vontade também de conhecer o Fab Lab de Londres!

Ao mesmo tempo não posso dizer que o passeio não foi produtivo, só de ficar poucas horas naquele ambiente me inspiraram em muitos projetos e novos matérias para explorar.

  • água — Tempo — Respiração/ claustrofobia ?   
  • vidro                   
  • acrílico                                                   }  Luz 
  • espelho
  • filme plástico – fios ? 

Projeto para o o popup show: 

Poça de agua/ espelho/ agua preta/ projetor / projetor / azul—- sensor de aproximação — vento 

Assuntos: percepção/contemplação/natureza/ fragmentos/ relações 









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